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                     Mend-it - Home page
                   These are some copied pages from the Mend-it information intranet site
Mend-it            is our working title for yet another community outreach      "mend"      .. as in fix or repair            About Mend-it
                             If it is broken then mend it            "Mend it, dear Henry"      sings Lisa (Liese) in a 1700 German Folk song
Consultation      The Mend-it Launch was on 27th June 2022 at 14:15 in the Chapel Schoolroom        Discussion      Launch Day
Project Development            there will be an initial period where the Mend-it experts are recruited and receive any required training.
Self Help                                  Organising a repair activity in a community benefits individuals
                                                   as well as reducing the amount of locally generated waste
Community                      Social Systems        Social Fellowship
Like some groups in the USA,
           Stewkley's Mend-it will put people first,      "enthusiasts" will become "experts"      through helping others.