SV 1002                                                                         
                          assessment, training and accreditation
Mend-it Experts will have been assessed, trained and have competence within their accredited area
The Chief Engineer will arrange for and sign off all certificates of accreditation
       Instruction is provided so that an expert can add extra accredited skills
           Potentially all volunteers can enhance their accreditation by instruction and skills transfer
                                         (using in-service training to gain experience)
           Mend-it Experts will have been trained to explain processes to others
           Some volunteers will already have qualifying experience owing to trade or professional qualification,
           requiring less instruction (since they already know what is required) and a faster track accreditation is appropriate.
Mend-it Experts will be welcome to add new skills to their portfolio, particularly if they have a flair or interest in their chosen new area
The Mend-it Quality model is continuous improvement, underpinned by easy increment and an open source environment