SV 1003                                                                         
                          reception and registration
     Finding an expert that can help and getting to see someone promptly is the task of the first mend-it person to greet our visitor.
     The process is called booking-in, not in the sense that visitor details are required, but the item for repair gets registered
                The greeter will discover what has been brought in and the nature of the problem
                  She sees that there are several experts available, and will ask which expert can provide the visitor with appropriate help
                  One expert can look at the faulty item to provide initial guidance.        Question posed = Can it be mended?
Owner Participation
                  It is important to determine what has gone wrong with that item and confirming the problem with the owner,
                     the visiting owner will be part of the process and should not feel confused by jargon, plain English is encouraged
                          if the owner feels sufficiently confident that the correct action is being proposed, they might be asked ...
                     "Can you see yourself doing that?"        (assuming the correct environment, with tools and technical guidance provided)
Measurement of success and advice quality
                      An initial diagnosis may start off as an informed guess, then a second expert can provide specific additional advice
                      or perhaps an inspection or test to identify the likely root cause        Question posed = Should it be mended?