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                     a consumer movement
Wikipedia asserts
The right to repair refers to proposed government legislation that would allow consumers the ability to repair and modify their own
     consumer products (e.g. electronic, automotive devices or farm vehicles such as tractors), where otherwise
       the manufacturer of such products requires the consumer to use only their offered services by restricting access
           to tools and components, or software barriers put in place to hinder independent repair or modification.
       These obstacles often lead to higher consumer costs or drive consumers to replace devices instead of repairing them.
           While the global community is concerned over the continuously growing size of the waste stream
           (especially electronic components), the primary debate over the right to repair
           has been centered on the United States and within the European Union.
BBC Business News:            Right to repair rules will extend lifespan of products, government says                       BBC News
           1 July 2021
                     Products such as washing machines, TVs and fridges should become easier to repair
                     and cheaper to run under new rules coming into force.
                     Manufacturers are now legally required to make spare parts available to people buying electrical appliances.
                     The aim of the new rules is to extend the lifespan of products by up to 10 years and benefit the environment.
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