SV 1009                                                                         
                     Projects and People
Repairs            Any repair is a project.
                           A visitor bringing an item to be inspected for repair will be encouraged to observe & participate
                           we aim to make a personal connection,            first with the Mend-it    "booking-in"    person
                           who will take basic details about the repair, then introduce the most appropriate "expert" who will suggest
                           a potential solution,        all advice is offered at no cost to the visitor.
                           The visitor´s permission to proceed is sought, the owner's decision is both important and final
                           generally the visitor is also the "legal" owner, any decision on the owner's part is both important and final.
The Mend-it Project                 Mend-it        is focussed on people
                                                   Mend-it will put people first,      enthusiasts will become experts through helping others