SV 1011                                                                         
                     similar organisations and schemes
Similar schemes                      a repair cafe,            Aylesbury Restart Event            plus self help groups like "Men in Sheds"
Outreach      At Stewkley, both Chapel Lunches and Daisy Club address a perceived need within our own community.
                  Computer Club provided meetings to de-mystify computers and technology for villagers who felt a need to know more.
Chapel Repairs      was a working title for yet another community outreach
                               along the lines of computer club, but extending the practical aspect to include undertaking projects
                               Providing this sort of activity benefits individuals as well as reducing the amount of locally generated waste
Organisation       there will be an initial pre-trial period where the Mend-it experts themselves receive training.
It is unlikely we should expect to meet requirements for joining the Maker Faire "franchise," and we may find it difficult to enjoy
      the Repair Cafe format, owing to their Dutch based funding partners (although one local group does not find this to be an issue)
Like some groups in the USA,
           Stewkley's Mend-it will put people first,      "enthusiasts" will become "experts"      through helping others.