SV 1012                                                                         
                     Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
Recycle        to be crafty,        we can develop "cottage" techniques for recycling
                      but making a synthetic fabric from old plastic bottles is best left to industry,      it is a clever achievement
                      the processes required are likely to be beyond the capability of the average individual
                                 The success or otherwise of such industrial processes seems to be difficult to assess clearly
"Make do and mend"         an old saying,                 if used today,   should not mean we limit our capabilities
                               Mending both 'Reduces' and 'Reuses',        it is a type of recycling that is easy to confirm happening
                               Having to 'make do'        suggests a second best      rather than taking time out to find an alternative solution.
Crafty      in the sense of ...
                     being clever & successful,                       "Annie is crafty"                                       when used as a compliment
                     having a practical skill                            "My uncle is skilled with his hands"            ... likely to be a crafter
                     a practical way to pass one's time            "I should like to learn to knit"                 crafting   or   learning a craft