SV 1013                                                                         
                     The repair process
                      A visitor bringing an item to be inspected for repair will be encouraged to observe & participate
What needs repair?      The first step is to clarify the nature of the item and what seems to be wrong with it
                          The owner will be invited to explain, the expert will listen and discuss, the aim is to suggest a first step forward
                          (In most cases the visitor is the owner of the item, but when this is not the case it should be recorded)
Arrival                                       any repair is a project that should first be "booked - in"                       Booking in
Meet, greet and explain        our aim is a polite, personal "connection" with the Mend-it team,
                                              first with the Mend-it    "booking-in"    person who will explain the process and rules
                                                who will collect initial details and help complete the booking-in process
                                                    then will introduce them to an "expert" who will offer free impartial advice.      Expert
Diagnosis + Agreed action        to determine what has gone wrong with the item to be repaired,      confirming this with the owner
                                                       the item will then be inspected,        perhaps requiring some dissasembly
           The owner´s participation will be seen as a grant of permission to procede, but their decision is both important and final