SV 1014                                                                         
                     purpose of mend-it
Making a mending start
     To enrich our community by establishing and maintaining a group of individuals that will recognise and preserve learned skills
     a by-product of this group activity will facilitate the means of repair of useful or cherished articles.      Extending the lifetime
     of (mended) items should reduce unnecessary waste and in a practical sense, slow down the amount going to "land-fill".
Development of a social fellowship
           Putting people first, reaching out and offering assistance to our community kith and kin both equally and equitably
           A platform for learning and sharing that relies on the wisdom of members of our own community
Recording Local Knowledge       To provide an accessible information repository that will hold      practical  know-how,
                                                 hints    and    points of contact    for exploring reliable practical advice,
                                             including wisdom passed down as stories from older kith and kin      [local social history]
                                 Sharing stories, like Grandparents tell Grandchildren - for the amusement and benefit of future generations.
Balancing Mutual Aid in a way that protects individual livelihood
           Mend-it should not challenge or seek to replace small and medium size enterprise, it has a place within a circular economy.
           rather that good practice be determined, recorded and promoted
           The provinance of local small and medium size enterprises should be publicised in a similar way to