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                     Mend-it - the song
There´s a Hole in My Bucket           
                                         Performed by Harry Belafonte & Odetta on "The Revlon Review - Tonight With Belafonte" (1959)
                                         a CBS variety special broadcast on 10th. December 1959
                                         the program showcased historical and contemporary musical styles of Black America
Odetta            Odetta was born Odetta Holmes in Birmingham, Alabama. As a young woman she had classical operatic training,
       By 1944 she made her professional debut as an ensemble member for four years with the Hollywood Turnabout Puppet Theatre
       In 1949, she joined the national touring company of the musical Finian's Rainbow, after 1950 she concentrated on folk singing
       At the 1963 civil rights demonstration, at which she sang "O Freedom" she described her role in the civil rights movement
           as "one of the privates in a very big army" .... Wikipedia
           see CBS clip      TV Clip
       If it is broken then mend it        "Mend it, dear Henry"      sings Lisa (Liese)
           in a 1700 German Folk song to be found in a collection of songs "Bergliederbüchlein" (Little Mountain Songbook)
           On May 30th of each year, National Hole in My Bucket Day is observed
                in honor of the fun children’s song; There’s a Hole in My Bucket.