SV 1017                                                                         
                     regular sessions held at Stewkley
                     Volunteer menders and experts can benefit from instruction sessions delivered in modular form
                          initially as an "Electronics 101" course trialled during the Summer of 2023
       As a series of free instruction sessions, held once per fortnight on a Monday evening, to run during the summer holiday
           while we pause having our Saturday morning mend-it sessions that are open to the public.
                 Those attending have covered aspects of safety, diagnostic and system engineering.
     Any topic can be repeated as required, in some cases delegates have sat-in for a repeat of a module, while new arrivals
       can hear the story and see the demonstration for the first time.        Group participation is encouraged
           A module has a visual and a practical demonstration.        Provided "like a Gym" with trainer, aims and hands-on exercise
     If attendees have a prior understanding, the time taken is naturally shortened        providing an aspect of "Train the trainers"
Instruction Modules            Induction      Safety      Disassembly      Inspection      Diagnosis      Offering advice
Underpinning Knowledge            Energy Storage      Component Recognition      Testing