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                         society communicating (electronically)
Social Networking
           The popular social networking sites, such as Facebook, were proceded by many sites that fall into the category of BBS,
              BBS standing for Bulletin Board System, still popular today with groups who run such things a motoring clubs
                 those clubs and groups are also known     in this context     as being a special interest group or SIG
Social Systems
                   "The German sociologist Niklas Luhmann has provided one of the most elaborate theories of society available,
                   as well as numerous works on specific aspects of society."        says      Prof. Mathias Albert
                         Mathias Albert (2019, December 23). Luhmann and Systems Theory. Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Politics.
Moderating Content
                 It has become possible for individuals to post their personal opinions online via social networking virtually anonomously,
                 there is no need for these comments to be either polite or accurate.
                   In the absence of sensible alternatives, the ill-considered and downright rude predominate.
                   This would seem to suit those who make money from the "number of views"      (similar to 'gutter journalism')
Fellowship     many hands help our society work,     it is natural for like minded individuals to "band together"     Fellowship
Hopefully a scheme for moderation and content being determined locally will come from Sir Tim Berners-Lee's project solid   Solid