SV 1022                                                                         
                                         in the practical sense, perhaps with origins in a chapel school room
Friends and Family        Kith & Kin
     Kin is not a choice, one is "born into" one´s own family.            Kith in this case refers to "friends" of one´s own family,
       both friends and acquaintances - particularly the "extended family" in some rural and close knit communities where
           (lucky) children grow up having extra "Aunts and Uncles" who are really Kith rather than blood relatives.
          "I was born into a family who were Methodists. ´Uncle´ Kellett lived next door to my grandparents, in fact The Rev. and Mrs.
           Kellett were friends and neighbours. it was like like having yet another set of grandparents" ... JH of Leighton Buzzard
Expanding a social network
     The fellowship of a special interest group meeting together
       Finding a way to provide both a physical meeting at a venue        as well as a communication medium to stay in touch
Community Self Help
                     Self help, with a focus on people, enabled in the community            e.g. Mend-it
Joining the Opinion
                     Consultation, explanation and having a forum for new ideas is an important participation
Sharing            Our Right to repair                      see BBC website on 1 July 2021      BBC News
                     extend the lifespan of products