SV 109                                                                         
                               site building hints
Using addtoSV            the script 0scripts/addtoSV.php      uses ~/Buildem/SV/SVadd.php to define which new files get added to SV
           The script currently uses functions from ~/Buildem/SV/functions/pages.php ... stanSV and vastSV
                      ... stanSV will need updating and .... vastSV will need replacing with Lstan
Manifest            SV has a data file of extant topic pages at      ~/L_sites/Buildem/SV/svlist.php      array is $ collecT
                                 We now have ~/data/plot.php for this purpose                       Also contains the sectionpages array
           Have not yet sorted out replacement for partynav, which builds cellpar .... see 1720L as a target for this
           The function call that provides the cellpar content is topcell from functions/unipageSb.php
Standard page            stanSV and vastSV ?????
Wide page            wideSV and vastSV ?????
Simulated pages            80 to 99