SV 2407                                                                         
                     how to upgrade
Content is designed, built and tested at the SV site.
                                      The SV2 site is used as an intermediate for release testing of the developing topic pages
                                                 STORK site is built by a script that uses a manifest data file,
                                                 the aim is to transfer (upload) STORK entirely, initially to deliver upgrades,
                                                 and eventually to replace a whole site worth of topic pages.
The      makeSVsite      script is intended either to update or to replace a set of related topic pages and "code"
           it should be preceded by a save operation so that the edits to SV2 are not subsequently deleted by the action of makeSVsite
           If the new SV2 page does not work, it is likely that there is a missing dependency
Data file      ~L_sites/commonD/757D.php      controls the save operation,
                      it is generally updated after performing work (edits), once or twice a day, or when the PC is powered down for energy saving
Buildem/SV/functions/svinit.php      contains the arrays that comprise the build manifest      .. used by the      makeSVsite      script
Will need a Buildem/STORK      directory to contain the required manifest            STORKlist.php