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                     information that had previously appeared on page 14 at
       General Practioners                                           Health Service
                     Dr. Silverman and Dr. Roberts        Ashcroft Surgery      Stewkley Road, Wing
                     Dr. Peel and Dr. Davies        Wing Surgery      The Surgery, 46 Stewkley Road, Wing
       Local Walks                      (archived document)
           download the Stewkley Circular Walk leaflet at            Stewkley Circular Walk
                                                   Stewkley Walkers            S Walkers            Stewkley Walkers
Planning Permission
       Prior to the re-organisation of local government      see  22       Some guidance for applicants was provided by AVDC
       on their web site at     Sorry
       the process would appear to be more democratic now that a "Neighbourhood Plan" has been accepted for Stewkley
       Try ... Neighbourhood planning            Neighbourhood Plan Status map
      Planning Permissions     currently     Old Search Link
      Planning and building control     currently old site     Old AVDC Link