SV 814                                                                         
                     largely from LH
Associated Topic                 Early pages provided one link that was titled "associated topic"
                                                   Topic pages now have individual lower menus that provide associated topic link buttons
Book Style                            Provides segments based on twenty page "chapters"
Navigating: Contents         Contents pages appear in each section       e.g. page 1, page 21 etc.
Search Box                          One approach to finding desired information is to type a word into the search box       (in the header above)
                                                   Often it is a word that first comes to mind.        Search Terms
Embedded buttons       Virtual buttons that select associated topics can appear on topic pages                           e.g.       Buttons
                                         Associated topic infers that we are prepared to change concept       (in order to find what we need).
Continuation Index
The continuation index was used in early technical data books, specifically the large format Brimar valve databook.
"BRIMAR - British Manufactured American Radio (Valves) ....Brimar/STC was a UK subsidiary of the American giant ITT
Continuation Index infers that we have already arrived at a specific page, and that there is some other location to procede to.
Dubiety       If a search result or virtual button should have multiple outcomes,   the aim is to interpose a disambiguation step
                                                   e.g.   System