Stewkley Village Flower and Vegetable Show 2019 Results
   Class   First   Second   Third
Beetroot Alan Dickens Rob Mann
Cabbages Louise Hurst
Carrots Long Tony Roadnight
Carrots short Tony Roadnight Tim Johnson
Cucumbers Tony Roadnight
Lettuce cos Alan Dickens Alan Dickens Alan Dickens
Lettuce cabbage Tony Roadnight
Radishes Sean Redmund
Onions no tops Sean Redmund Andrew Beer Alan Dickens
Onions with tops Lily Frampton Sean Redmund Sean Redmund
Onions salad Alan Dickens Alan Dickens Tony Roadnight
Peas David Carter Gill Morgan Tony Roadnight
Broad Beans long Alan Dickens Alan Dickens Alan Dickens
Broad Beans short Pauline Knowler Alan Dickens Ben Frampton
Potatoes white David Carter Sean Redmund David Carter
Potatoes col. Lily Frampton Tim Johnson
Shallots Rob Mann Sean Redmund Sean Redmund
Tomatoes Pauline Knowler Sean Redmond
Courgettes Pauline Knowler Gill Morgan Rob Mann
Rhubarb Sean Redmond Gill Morgan Victoria Coombes
Exhibit of any variety not covered Pauline Knowler Gill Morgan Pauline Knowler
Novice Krassi Frampton Rob Mann
Herbs Pauline Knowler Gill Morgan Sally Shefferd
Gooseberries Sean Redmund Gill Morgan Alan Dickens
Raspberries Martin Frampton Andrew Beer Gill Morgan
Blackcurrants Pauline Knowler Gill Morgan
Redcurrants Gill Morgan Andrew Beer
Strawberries Victoria Coombes Tony Roadnight
Single variety Gill Morgan
Pelargonium John Sheldon
Fuschia Martin Frampton Tony Roadnight
Top Vase Sheila Fellowes Louise Hurst
Antirrhiniums John Flewin
Rose Hybrid Tea single bloom Gill Wheeler Gill Wheeler Trish Higgins
Rose Floribunda Lucy Johnson Beryl Bowkett Pauline Knowler
Sweet Pea Trish Higgins Andrew Beer David Carter
Pansies Diana Sheldon Lucy Johnson David Carter
Pansy single bloom Pauline Wilkinson Diana Roadnight
Marigolds Victoria Coombes Lucy Johnson
Pinks Gill Morgan Sally Earl-Davies
Hosta leaves Chris Smith Pauline Knowler Chris Smith
Any garden flower 3 stems John North Pauline Knowler Sheila Fellowes
Any garden flower 1 stem John North John North Pauline Knowler
Basket flowers Sally Earl-Davies Margaret Carter
Vase flowers Louise Hurst
Vase grasses Sally Earl-Davies Gill Burhouse/Terry Austin Victoria Coombes
Outdoor Hanging Basket Michelle Middleweek Tony Roadnight Gill Wheeler
Planted Pot or Container for Patio Gill Wheeler Trish Higgins Gill Wheeler
Jam Jackie Marriot Sean Redmund Pauline Knowler
Marmalade Jo Dyer Pauline Knowler Jackie Marriot
Chutney Jo Dyer Jo Dyer Jo Dyer
Eggs Ben Frampton Lily Frampton Jilly Scrivener
Wine Jo Dyer Ben Frampton Sean Redmund
Gin Sandy Flewin Sally Shefferd Jo Dyer
Coffee/walnut cake Trish Higgins Sandy Flewin Diana Roadnight
Cheese Scones Jo Dyer Val Curtis Jilly Scrivener
Flapjacks Jo Dyer Pauline Wilkinson Sandy Flewin
Knitting Pauline Knowler Sandy Flewin
Crochet Jo Dyer Linda Mann
Embroidery/Cross-stitch/Tapestry Jean Harper Cath Gunn Sandy Flewin
Needlework/Patchwork Cath Gunn
Pen & Ink Colin Finch
Photo - a Countryside Event
Photo - a Stewkley Building Jo Dyer John Sheldon John Flewin
Flower Arranging
In a Teacup Beverley Mallison Sally Earl-Davies Ann Pritchard
Down on the Farm Margaret Carter Beverley Mallison
Childrens Classes
Photo Bea Latham Niamh Dooley                      & Chloe Bucktrout
Craft Item Bea Latham                 Noah Roadnight Niamh Dooley                 Lucy Johnson                 Chloe Bucktrout                Laura Brogden Niamh Dooley                 Charlotte Handsley            Stephen Brogden
Decorated Biscuits Bea Latham Cathy Latham Chloe Bucktrout            Niamh Dooley
Brownies Lucy Johnson Annabel Webb Matilda Robinson