Anti Scam 1
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We do hope that you have not recieved any dubious e-mails or have been bothered by a bogus telephone call.
Microsoft does not make unsolicited phone calls to help you fix your computer See microsoft advice
Where to report a suspected scam
. . . is a UK based website and phone number.
List of nasty things via internet at Stewkley:
¤ An e-mail with no message but a clickable "blue hyperlink" hovering over the link with some browsers reveals that it points to, action unknown - just deleted it. reported by webmaster 3rd March 2013
¤ An e-mail with one clickable "blue hyperlink" to "" was reported to authorities 6rd March 2013, proports to be signed by a Stewkley resident.
¤ An e-mail that proports to be "a request for help" from Stewkley residents stranded abroad, the reply address has the correct start but ends, invites you to send money. This was reported to authorities 11th March 2013.
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