Site Report
The S.T.U.F.F.I.T site report
The website is now using PHP, with pages being "custom built and tested" by the web server prior to them
 being sent to you. This allows us to render more accurately, and make changes to portions of the site without duplicating
 effort on a series of pages - making a "clever" web site that is easier for the contibutors to update.
If you find any broken or missing pages please send an e-mail to
Spring cleaning for 2014 has included the use of CS3 "transparent colours"
The majority of the pages that were available on the site (in past years) have been "restored and cleaned" but some
will have "moved to a different place" in the address space.
Hopefully you will discover that the different colours used on the buttons is helpful for you to navigate the site.
Spring Clean 2015, behind the scenes - reduction of html code islands, but pages remain much the same.
May 2019, trying to remove any remaining html code, plus improvements to site navigation systems.

picture Last change was on Mon May 13th 2019 click here to see the more technical journal
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