Site Work
The Computer club page has been recently updated, apart from changing some of the written details there has
      been the addition of a new 40px signpost graphic as well as some shading using CSS3 backgrounds.
The changes are first made on a local server, here in Stewkley.
It an Apache2 server with PHP and MySQL and it is running on a Linux machine.
The output from a PHP page has to be "served" before it can be viewed using a (*target) browser.
Once it has been checked, a program is used to load the server which is seen on the internet.
This program is an ftp client called  filezilla 
Volunteers that maintain sections of have their own ftp access to their section, hopefully avoiding chance damage of the entire site if a mistake is made.

(* target) browser - ideally the page should be checked using several types of computer and browser
e.g. - a tablet, a mac, a windows PC using popular browing apps.
This is an example of a CSS3 background being used. background:rgba(159,205,205,0.5);   padding:5px;

small This Page was changed on 7th May 2014
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