A community updated website
      The Stewkley Walkers Website is being moved from a "free to use" platform
                     that was provided at https://sites.google.com/site/stewkleyrowa/Home
      It seems that it has proved difficult to "regain control" of the domain name stewkleywalkers.org.uk
           a solution is to use     stewkley.org/walkers/       known technically as a "sub-site".
Content Management
      Our Stewkley community remedy is a home-spun solution
           We aim to develop a way for groups (like Stewkley Walkers) to keep their web content up-to-date.
Community involvement backed by communication, training and understanding should allow us to banish some of
      the less beneficial aspects of the internet today            for more thinking on this topic look for Project Solid
      Wikipedia cites .... https://solid.mit.edu/       see ...        Wikipedia       or ...        Solid
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