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                     Mend-it is a complex social fellowship that has a simple premise
                                                                                                                           more "social science" at      Social Systems
Mend-it:      the name given to a social fellowship group with a local identity,      based in Stewkley, not limited to just villagers,
                     it is a loose association of folk, being Kith & Kin (or those that have some Stewkley connection) who drop-in
                     and look at a problem with a "Mend-it expert" at no cost or obligation on either side
Open Source repairs      can be undertaken by the owner relying on using the "Right to Repair" legislation,
                                   the "Mend-it expert" can explain and demonstrate relevant techniques
                                   some examples (repairs) may have their symptoms and the fault repair method recorded
                                   to build up a record of typical or similar faults that may, in due course, help others
Experts             will be trained as and when necessary,      then accredited by Stewkley Mend-it
                          some will already have gained experience, others will have a natural flair when using repair tools
                          Mend-it will put people first,      enthusiasts will become experts through helping others
                          Taster and training sessions will regularly occur, anyone will be able to observe a session with no pre-requisites,
                          then more "members" may wish to become mend-it experts
Voluntary Donations        made by those that attend, particularly if a repair has been sucessful,
                                   can be made to our hosting organisation
                                   who are Stewkley High Street Methodist Church.