SV 112                                                                         
                     a technical point of view                                                      for user advice see      Using Search
Two Versions        Modern Search      was at page 816                                 drome2 holds more info        Search Terms
                             A set of functions get called from ~/commonFIND/functions/searchem.php
                             The collection of terms (to be matched) are in a combined set of arrays at ~/commonFIND/terms.php
                             Each site has a button look-up (destination) file of the form        ~/commonD/2a800DT
                      Any new term has to be added in two places, both ~/commonFIND/terms.php and in one button look-up
                      since ~/commonFIND/functions/searchem.php is not reachable on the internet 116 is used instead
                      Simple Search      is at page 116            which is the default option
                             116L uses a reduced set of functions at      functions/searchemSb.php      that just focusses on SV
                             the simple search   combined   look-up array is "simon" at      data/surchery.php
                             generally a new page has it´s button made when being created, so only one file needs search info adding
                             the navigation buttons are held at      link/Sutton.php