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                     Technical Site Report
                                         (This report is organised with the most recent information at the top.)
                                                                                  as originally posted on ~/stuffit/sitereport.php
     Technical Site Report
The website is now using PHP, with pages being "custom built and tested" by the web server prior to them  being sent to you. This allows us to render more accurately, and make changes to portions of the site without duplicating  effort on a series of pages - making a "clever" web site that is easier for the contibutors to update. If you find any broken or missing pages please send an e-mail to
Spring cleaning for 2014 included the use of CS3 "transparent colours"
The majority of the pages that were available on the site (in past years) have been "restored and cleaned" but some will have "moved to a different place" within the address space.
Hopefully you will discover that the different colours used on the buttons is helpful for you to navigate the site.
Spring Clean 2015, behind the scenes - reduction of html code islands, but pages remain much the same.
     May 2019, trying to remove any remaining html code, plus improvements to site navigation systems.
                                                                                                                           Mon May 13th 2019
Jan 2014
Using the accordian scripting turned out to be a bad idea, some users found that the navigation was difficult to use, and indirectly it made the side more vulnerable to an attack by virus. After our site was targeted there was clear evidence of the action, in that the code of our pages had been changed to add unwanted scripts, there is no real evidence that it had anything to do with running "accordian", just that this (the first attack on took place during the time we were conducting those tests.
Spring cleaning for 2014 has included the use of CS3 "transparent colours", I first discovered this technique being used in pages powered by BBC Barlesque (one of the corporation´s various sets of tools for building pages on it´web site) and looking at CSS schools there is a description of how the code works.
On this site, for example, we use background:rgba(240,240,100,0.5); to generate a transparent coloured background.
The majority of the pages that were available on the site (in past years) have been "restored and cleaned" but some will have "moved to a different place" in the address space.
The grapevine was the first to have it´s own directory, we have now brought back "council" and added "stuffit", so the home pages in each case can be called directly by typing the address with an extension
e.g. or and finally
Jan 2013
PHP is being used to provide the new navigation buttons, with a direct link to the Parish Council pages which are externally hosted. As of 13th Jan 2013 the majority of core pages are available in PHP form.
The trial of "accordion navigation buttons" is no longer available.
If a user hovers on the button (on the Churches page) associated topics are revealed (like an expanding accordion).
Aug 2012
Upgraded the Site Map, with new side navigation
added new sub site area (in own directory) for Grapevine to allow access by calling
Jan 2012
                Upgraded the Site Map, with improved table display
created compact css file = svcompact.css (with the ultimate aim to reduce the number of style sheets stored on the site)
added new page to inform about public meeting - Turbines
Site Map has improved table display added new page info2.htm - Useful Telephone Numbers
27th Jul 2010
                               Reorganised this page so that the most recent information is at the top of this list.
     The medium term aim is to incorporate style data into each .htm page to simplify upkeep and multiple edit support.
       Added "Buckinghamshire Remembers" site to our Links Page
26th Jul 2010
                               Cleaned up the transistion page to Stewkley Wildlife Reserve, SWR, at /swr/wildlife-s.htm
25th Jul 2010
                               Redesigned layout of belief-s.htm (Stewkley Places of Worship page) in readiness for adding more pages
     Created new pages servicesMA.htm and servicesmeth.htm for posting church service information
       Added Parish Council Minutes page at pcminutes.htm, also pdfinfo.htm
           Employing an "infobox" to provide a link to Parish Council Minutes page
Example of infobox

Parish Council Minutes
23rd Jul 2010
                               Simplified this page on the new server, it now uses internal styles.
     Simplified the grapevine page on the new server, it also uses internal styles, to facilitate easy changes.
       Simplified styles on the village links page
21st Mar 2010
                               Re-instated old journal page on the new server.
     It used two style sheets per page, in common with the other pages at the time, hence cascading style sheets.
Shading key examples .....
0 = clear
lp - light pink
lg - light grey
bluegr - blue grey