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Stewkley Net can describe two things
                               a new community web site promoting business and services,
                                         or the infra-structure that might exist in our village to allow local computer networking.
The site    had content added
       because the Parish Council at that time did not feel they wanted "advertising" on the community
       Some years later the Parish Council "moved to" a new location at        paid for by the P.C. to hold the
           council´s "business" information concerning councillors, agendas and minutes of the monthly meetings, maintained by
           Hugues Audouard - a freelance web designer from L.B.
     It was also mooted that the Community web site (this site) should have a village forum for posting a village commentry,
       this is now familiar to us as social media, our village facebook page providing a sterling service with photos as well.
                                                                        visit Stewkley Facebook Page