SV 1409                                                                         
Access to a good source
                      Having a user handbook or a set of instructions makes life easier
                      If the practice is new or unfamiliar it is handy to have a point of reference
                      Openly sourced information benefits one´s community
Information        With any endeavour it is best to understand the journey,    to be clear about one´s objective,
                               recognise steps needed and have instructions available.    For a new venture, information may be of assistance.
           Our group will put people first,      enthusiasts will become experienced experts through helping others.
           We intend to provide training and provide supporting information and documentation (using community Information Technology)
           Channels of communication and notification based upon both traditional and modern platforms - which ever suits the individual
           so that any schedule of when and where activities are to take place be made known to all those who are interested