SV 1410                                                                         
With any endeavour it is best to understand the journey,    have a clear objective, recognise easy steps and have instructions available.
   Strategy    is about setting and understanding the objective in broad terms.
                     In many cases the Strategy element is understood by implication,            based upon prior experience.
                     just knowing the name of the activity brings to mind what we expect to achieve.
Keeping Community Information
                                         An open and available record of endeavours, both past & present, can be guide or strategy for similar future events.
   Planning    is concerned with the practical aspect of HOW, WHAT and WHEN.
                     the plan may include key people,        the WHO that does the WHAT            and the available venue - WHERE
                     So a complete plan should consider WHO,   HOW,  WHAT,  WHEN   and  WHERE
                     Some like to write (and distribute) their plan, say, using an organisation´s committee minutes.
                     Many more simply jot down points for their own use.            They make a list.
   Policies    illuminate WHY we take a view, and the outcome of the desision making process.
                     Specific plans can look like policies, the main difference between these two documents is that a plan
                     should provide a guide to the collection of activities that are deemed necessary to best achieve the specific aim.