SV 1720                                                                         
                               chapel pipe organ project
Tue 07 Dec 2021       Circumstance has pre-empted Planning, reported as having second cipher on Sunday,     visited briefly to confirm
To carefully disassemble and record as much information as possible in order to perform an initial risk assessment,
paying particular attention to hazards such as fire, electrical safety, avoidance of injury to organist, persons that
work on the instrument, congregation and visitors.
The aim is to restore as much of the organ as possible to playing order and to generate a record of the work,
sufficient to be able to act as a technical manual used as a guide to subsequent maintenance.
Upgrade Features            to employ modular techniques of restoration and repair to allow the down time to be shortened
                                         to add a remote keying scheme (probably MIDI) to allow the organ to be played from a sequencer or hymnal.
           Several folk have already expressed an interest in being involved in the repair of the Chapel Pipe Organ.
           A feasibility study is underway which will lead to a technical review of the work to be performed
           - an afternoon session could be allocated to the management of this project.
           Repairs, Regeneration and Re-Voicing together with ideas for a Hybrid instrument.                      Progress