SV 1725                                                                         
                     Tasking: where work gets divided into steps that can be more readily performed
What exactly is a "task"?
      Most work can be broken down into a series of tasks, some of which may need to be performed in a particular order
           "seeing work" in this way, allows us to remain focussed on what we are doing and to define an end point for an activity.
A task should be "do-able"
                                         having a "name" that might also convey the desirable outcome,     within a reasonable timescale
                                                    Q: How do you eat an elephant?     A: One bite at a time.
                                         larger tasks should themselves be broken down into a series of smaller tasks that are managable.
Personally Pleasing via Productivity                      Tasking within a community group
                                                   Having a plan either formal or informal     is likely to take place at some point in time,
                                         it encourages a sense of "seeing work as a series of tasks" that are seen to be value to the group
                                         and enjoyable by those individuals performing the task.                      a win-win situation.