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           In Stewkley, Harvest has been celebrated for many years, in the past occurring at the same time as the "feast"
           Stewkley Feast was usually celebrated at Michaelmas - September 29th - Our church´s Saint day celebrating
             St Michael and all angels.       The feast took place over a number of days and ended on October 10th,
                village folk would have eaten roast goose and anything with a ginger flavour.
                 This may be the reason that gingerbread has been a traditional cake in many Stewkley households.
                  Methodist Chapel Harvest celebrations always took place on the Sunday nearest to the 10th but not after this date.
     In 2020 our normal celebrations could not take place The covid pandemic having changed many things, an idea
       of a thankful Harvest emerged.      We hoped that everyone in our village found a reason to be thankful.
           Showing our thankfulness, if we can, with decorations, love and kindness.
     The pandemic has demonstrated how everyone can do something to help.      We are thankful for our ....
           farmers, growers, delivery drivers, the posties, our cooks, shopkeepers,     as well as our key workers.
     We have been glad of our volunteers who have collected medicines, delivered books, food and done much more.
       .... glad for having phone calls and cards to cheer us up.            There has been so much goodness.
           Celebrate all those good things, have hope that we will be able to cope with what is to come, good or bad.
             Hold true with Love for each other and healing prayers will find a way for us all.
                                                                                             with blessings from Lynda Hart                 Methodist Local Preacher