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 SV 43                                                                         
                 The automation page is initially looking at a test of updating the information on our community web site
                     Potentially working like a "wiki page", hence the function set is called "wicks"
     This page is running the function file "wicks", the following test call is named latest, it makes matches and builds data file 25T
el="off"; $currentfile="Grapevine2023-12Dec.pdf"; $currentmonth="Dec 2023"; $viewmonth=$mnth12; $previousfile="Grapevine2023-11Nov.pdf"; $previousmonth="Nov 2023"; $gvlink
GVdata                      from allreport function
           Grapevine2023-12Dec.pdf            Dec 2023"      JANUARY      1            Grapevine2023-11Nov.pdf
           We Will Remember Them        Stewkley Drop-In        Hi-de-Hi Review
           Community Speedwatch Returns                      &nbs
headline1    1 match           hpos is 1628          hend is 1661          We Will Remember Them          point is 1661
headline2    1 match           hpos is 1664          hend is 1692          Stewkley Drop-In          point is 1692
headline3    1 match           hpos is 1695          hend is 1722          Hi-de-Hi Review          point is 1722
headline4    1 match           hpos is 1725          hend is 1765          Community Speedwatch Returns          point is 1765
headline5    1 match           hpos is 1768          hend is 1780                    point is 1780
headline6    1 match           hpos is 1783          hend is 1795                    point is 1795
                     created new 25T.php