SV 46                                                                         
                     volunteers who approve contributors participation in the forum (BBS)
Moderators are volunteers who provide a personal touch on our community web site, to ensure that content remains meaningful.
       There are a few individuals and even less organisations that seem to delight in digital vandalism,
           having a web site that encourages participation can attract such activity
             There is far more activity with "machinery" performing "automated mischief" than human vandals,
             these are known as "bots" - reminicent of robots - but are compact programs running on occasional computers
             Not all "bots" are malicious, some belong to the tech giants who think they can predict what we want to buy
             because it is relatively easy to do (particularly if you employ thousands of computer programmers)
             a high proportion of internet traffic finds these bots trying to discover what anybody´s computer is doing at any time
             Suprisingly there is a command available of the form "No Bots - do not follow" that "good organisations abide by"