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                     Principles are the key ideas that underpin our quality philosophy.
A good set of principles will generally include some that will interconnected with others.
     Principles are specific, they will have been derived from value judgements of underlying good practice and guidance received,
           they should be helpful as being the essence of percieved wisdom, they should be clear and without dubiety.
Having Values
"Doing a good job, to do one´s best, having a firm grasp of modern developed technology plus reliable co-workers who are able to share their wisdom with other staff members. This was my first experience of work at a "substantial firm", no less than Griffin Brothers in Leighton Buzzard in the 1960s. Coming from a background of shopkeepers and small business I had been prepared to understand the concept of providing service to my customer, for without this we would not succeed and in the long term be unable to earn our living."
John Hart, Chairman PA Communications Ltd.
Customer Relationships
We endeavour to build appropriate relationships with our clients and customers according to their needs. We only keep records so that we may communicate and respond to their enquiries.
Opportunity Development and Ethical Trade
Our clients may identify new requirements, we have an opportunity to invent a solution.
This solution might be of interest elsewhere, but we will not make any approach to "competitors of our own customers" without having prior confirmation that our action is ethical