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                     Who were the thinkers and inventors of the business practices we use in electronics today ?
      Looking back at industrial history we find there are key individuals that influenced our way of thinking
Frederick_Winslow_Taylor      1856-1915            (1898 at Bethlehem Steel)            visit Wikipedia for more info
    According to Peter Drucker ...
      "Frederick W. Taylor was the first man in recorded history who deemed work deserving of systematic observation and study."
Walter Shewhart      1891-1967            (Quality Loop: PDCA)                      3505            visit Wikipedia for more info
Joseph M. Duran      1904-2008            (1924 at Hawthorne)      Joseph Juran observed that            visit Wikipedia for more info
    "there should be no reason our familiar principles of quality and process engineering would not work in the sales process".
W. Edwards Deming      1900-1993        (TQM: the 14 points)                      Deming            visit Wikipedia for more info
       Deming championed the work of Walter Shewhart's Cycle and "applied quality methods" in Japan post WWII.
Academics and thinkers whose names are not "immediately" associated with having contributed directly to industry
Carl von Clausewitz      1780-1831        (Military theorist: Strategy)        447            visit Wikipedia for more info
Peter Drucker                 1909-2008                                                     Peter Drucker            visit Wikipedia for more info
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