SV 72                                                                         
                     write down what seems obvious
What do mean by "Always write down today what seems obvious, because it will be forgotten by tomorrow"
There seems to be two aspects to this suggestion, one involving the ability to easily recall a short term decision or finding
     The other aspect (that occurs less frequently) is the time taken to recall or recover the state of mind held at some previous time
       The latter is particularly important when developing new ideas or solutions that span several days.
Used as a helpful practise for increasing effectiveness, the amount of time wasted should be reduced.
This perceived waste occurs when the "thinker" has to repeat tasks in order to orientate themselves.
In Balance
                 Finding a sensible level for the amount of status information recorded is important.
                   It can prove difficult to "interrupt one´s flow" just so that "a note" may be made.
                     Under those circumstances it can be good to record what is seen as a "phase" outcome,
                         possibly at the start of the following day
It may be compared with the benefit to be had from reporting - even if the report is non-formal and it´s output is hand written