SV 810                                                                         
                          alternative observations
      a process of exploring a topic,        deliberately starting from an alternative perspective (of that topic)
      perhaps adopting one from several views, but also explaining (in simple terms) how that differentiation has been chosen.
Topics can be complex.       Our information system tends to be reductionist, taking a specific view - then providing an explanation.
      A wider view, sometimes called the bigger picture can be a structure of related topics within a framework.
           A visual panorama may be observed,            a conceptual framework will still need a "handle" or a "marketing name"
                a "real world example" of a conceptual framework might be "solving the problem of poverty"
Search System Additions
           the search system is capable of displaying two or more buttons to access topic pages with alternative viewpoints.
           The provision of alternatives, as "information on-tap", should avoid adding extra complication or topic deviation
BBC radio producer Ian Messiter - creator of "just a minute" gave his panel game similar rules to enhance listeners entertainment
Opposite or Undesirable behaviour
      Casual or lazy use of language is more likely to hide meaning,        either by accident,     or by design,           (obfuscation)
           - where some try to retain "some perceived power over others",      such "self-serving" groups are "secretive",
                perhaps to gain what they think is "power",     aiming to retain information than to share.