Jackdaw Field
It was, until July 2008, the property of Stewkley Parochial Church Council. It has been a hay meadow for many generations and its use was once part of the remuneration of the St. Michaels church verger. It was a self contained entity with access only from Garners Lane, the 'drovers road ' or Green lane.
An aperture was later created in the S.E. corner to connect it to the northern tip (2.17acres) of New Churchfurlong which was historically a field of allotments owned by Oxford Diocese but most of which has been arable agricultural land for many decades.

The tip of New Churchfurlong that is in the Wildlife Reserve has the benefit of a copse. To the south of Jackdaw field is the other portion of the Reserve. This is part of Old Churchfurlong, the field name that encompassed the football field to the west and arable field to the south abutting the Soulbury Road. Old Churchfurlong was also glebe land owned by Oxford Diocese. Until 1967 Old Churchfurlong was allotments, subdivided into plots for growing vegetables, fruit trees and raising chickens and pigs.

In 1967, the tenants were removed to an area to the south-east, on part of New Churchfurlong field, and Old Churchfurlong was divided into two tenanted areas for agriculture. The arable land to the south of this Reserve has since remained much the same but the northern part of the field, which had been used for pasture was further divided in 1989 when a 6.53 acre portion was bought by Stewkley Recreation Ground Association for use, primarily , as a site for two football pitches. The remaining part of Old Churchfurlong (3.01 acres) continued as hayfield and pasture under a tenancy until Stewkley Parish Council took out a grazing licence from the Diocese in 2004 which continued until the Council purchased the land in July 2008.

In 2004 Aylesbury Vale District Council Green Spaces Team undertook a survey of the land and designated it worthy of County Wildlife Site status, primarily due to its botanical value, in conjunction with Jackdaw field.
The three fields composing Stewkley Wildlife Reserve were purchased with funds granted by the Heritage Lottery Fund, Aylesbury Vale District Council and Stewkley Parish Council.

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