Picture of Jackdaw, © Mike Draycott

Jackdaw - Corvus monedula.
Resident, .
Size - 34cm, 13 inches.
A large black bird that could be confused with a Rook or Crow, but look for the silvery nape of the neck, the black beak, and they are slightly smaller then their cousins, the silver back of the neck is often more pronounced than the photograph shows

Jackdaws are to be found around the village, there is a small colony in the High Street North, they readily come into gardens, and take food from bird feeders if they can managed to hang on. They eat small insects and have been observed turning the dirt out of gutters to search out the tasty bugs to be found there.

They can be seen on the backs of sheep sometimes, presumably after strands of wool for their nest, or any ticks they might find to eat.

It is fond of nesting among human habitation, often in chimney pots, look around and see how many houses have wire guards on their chimney pots in order to stop them.

Jackdaws are sociable birds and will often be seen amongst other birds.

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