Wildlife Reserve News for April 2011
April 2011

30th April, Saturday,
Finally yesterday a small thunderstorm brought a little rain, perhaps 5mm.
The Hawthorn is in bloom, see the photo below. Of the various birds that can be heard, and a few seen, the Whitethroat and Lesser Whitethroat are to be heard, but probably not seen, listen for a 'jangling' song.
Around the pond a small blue flower of the Brooklime has appearded, see below.

Picture of Hawthorn Picture of Brooklime

22nd April, Good Friday, The warm dry weather continues, there are lots of Orange tip butterflies about, the Swallows arrived in the last week, and Blackcaps have been reported around the village.
In the reserve, just near the gate from the Rec. is a patch of Common Sedge, quite a small plant, but
worth a close look. Some of the Dandelions that have flowered now have 'clock' seed heads.
There are even more grass seed heads.

Picture Common Rush Picture of dandelion seed head

15th April, Friday, Its still warm and dry, and things are growing in the reserve, the blossom of the blackthorn is fading, but there are plenty of Cowslips, more Lady's smock, and one or two Bugle appearing through the grass. There are lots of Rib-wort Plantains which were not in flower last week. And nearby in the hedge was a Yellow Hammer.

Picture ribwort plantain Picture of a Yellow Hammer

The grasses are growing seed heads, below are a couple that I saw, but have no idea of their name.

 Picture of grass seed Picture of grass seed

Walking back down Carters Lane, I was patient, and managed to get this photo of a Red Tailed Bumble bee, probably a queen, as they are the only ones of last years bees to survive over winter, and she is now in the process of starting a new colony some where. One has taken up residence in the bird box at home.

Picture red tailed bee Picture ground ivy

The other photo is of Ground Ivy, which is just starting to flower.

10th April, Sunday, The  weather has been very hot for April, above 20C, for the last few days,
suddenly I found a full grown Lady's smock near the pond, and nearby, about 4 feet from the edge of the pond,  there was a blue flower of a Forget me not.

Picture Lady's smock Picture of Germander Speedwell

7th April, Thursday, The weather has been mostly dry, and warm, for the last few days, and it is predicted to continue for a few days, consequently the grass is growing and perhaps it is covering the Adders Tongue, as they seem harder to find. But the real highlight of this time of year is the blossom on the hedges.

picture of blossom

1st April, Friday,
It has been mostly dry, with a shower a couple of days ago, it was quite warm yesterday, but today it has been cooler and quite windy. I noticed that the Field Woodrush has appeared on my lawn, so it was no surprise to find some in the reserve. It looks rather like grass, but when looked at very closely it is transformed, in fact if it was much larger it would be much admired.

Picture Field WoodrushField Woodrush

I found one or two Adders Tongue, and a single Cowslip, but there will be more to come in the next week or so, and there are Celandines in all the fields. I spotted the first signs of Ladyssmock, which should be out in flower soon.

Picture of Adders TonguePicture of Cowslip

All around the reserve, and other places in the village the Blackthorn (below) is starting to bloom, the water in the pond looked clear, perhaps an indication of the lack of rain recently. More of the Marsh Marigiolds are now blooming, and other water plants are growing.

Picture of Blackthorn blossomPicture of mystery plant
The hairy plant viewed in early growth is thought to be a Mouseear:-

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