SV 1008                                                                         
                     what we might mend
       "community repair events give a second lease of life to all kinds of products that failed prematurely:"
Technical and Practical Repairs
                      Radios         Bicycles         Mendit with glue or screw         Computers         Garden Implements         Toys
                      " small kitchen appliances, computers, radios, furniture, lamps, clothes and much more: "
                      Environmental            Low energy lighting            Rewiring a favourite table lamp
                      Has the fuse gone?            Stopping a leak            Can-it be mended?
                      Does anyone know where to get a screw for a .....                       Which local trades person provides what service
Common Sense Mending
                      Take a first look to see if it is worth doing            Where is the fuse?            Sharpen scissors
                      Make an oil lamp work on electric or re-chargable battery
                      Replace the cable (power cord)                                  Personal Appliance Test
A Problem Shared            ... is a problem halved ... talk to an expert .. for free