Wildlife Reserve News for March 2011
March 2011

22nd March,
It has been mostly dry for the last week or so, there is not much to be seen in the fields, but there is lots of activity in the pond. The plants are growing, and a couple of Marsh Marigolds have a flower.  Greater Water Boatmen are to be seen coming to the surface for air, then diving out of sight if alarmed, or when they have breathed enough air for their next dive. On the surface, several Pond Skaters, are to be seen, moving over the surface looking for things to eat.
But new to the pond this year, for me anyway, are Whirligig beetles, and something I have never seen before, a spider walking on the water.

Sorry I dont have a photograph of the Whirligig beetles, as they scoot about on the surface of the water very rapidly, but managed to photographs the Marsh Marigold and the spider.

Picture Marsh Marigoldspider picture

12th March,  A nice warm sunny day at last, and walking down the village a  couple of Brimstone butterflies and a white butterfly were seen. Following the dry weather this week the reserve has dried out a little and is much less squelchy under foot.
Near the pond one or two Lesser Celandines have a appeared, and in the pond the first signs of life this year, when a Greater Water Boatman was seen and photographed in the pond.

Picture of water boatman picture of Lesser Celandine

5th March,
Its still cold, not so wet recently, which has allowed some of the water-logged areas to dry out, and there are signs that things are starting to grow, with buds showing on bushes, and a few white and blue violets to be seen in the copse.

Picture of violet picture of shrub buds

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